Private lessons

In your time and at your pace!  Individual or with family or friends.

Our instructors are at your disposal and offer fully tailored lessons to your desires, needs and level.
Individual or in a small group with friends or family, enjoy a fun and friendly lesson where everyone progresses at their own pace.

Lessons available in several languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Greek.

private Lessons - 1 or 2 PEople (same price!)

Available in English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Greek.
52€ per hour (excluding mornings in New Year and February holidays)              6 Days              5 Days
1 hr
1 hr 30
2 hrs
Half Day
Other timescontact us contact us
New Year and February holidays before 11:30 - 75€ per hourcontact us
 contact us
NEW : Shared Lesson

The Shared Lesson

The private lesson shared with 3 other people

2 hours per day for 5 or 6 days. 

TImes Shared Lesson

Christmas From 20/12/19 to 02/01/2011:45 - 1:45
February From 09/02/20 to 07/03/2011:30 - 1:30
Easter From 05/04/20 to 19/04/2011:30 - 1:30
Outside School Holidays9:30 - 11:30

prices shared lesson                                               25€ / h

2 hours of lessons per day6 days5 days
Excluding New Year and February holidays300 € 250 €
New Year and February holiday300 € 250 €

Slalom Training

Want to get rid of bad habits and perfect technique?

The slalom course and stadium awaits you. Receive advice and tuition from a specialist instructor of competition skiing. You will be filmed on the big screen and immediately shown, advised and corrected on your techniques to improve your performance.

Prices - Slalom Training

From 1 to 3 persons
1h - School holidays before 11:3075 €
1h - Other times 65 €