For successful lessons it depends on BOTH the Instructor and You...

  • For the smooth running of the ESF ski school and for a successful stay, we ask you to respect the following rules:  
  • Come equipped for your lesson (skis / boots, poles, snowboard / boots, googles, glasses etc) and correctly dressed (clothes for the outside temperature, gloves, scarves, sunscreen etc.)

  • The course fee does not include your lift pass. Remember to buy a package or check whether it is part of a package.
  • Be equipped with your lift pass prior to your lesson starting. if you choose a option with lift pass please ensure your lift pass is placed in the left pocket of your jacket to enable smooth passage through the ski lift

  • Your magnetic card must be placed in the left pocket of your jacket which facilitates the entrance controls of each lift.

  • From beginner to 2nd Star, enjoy a package of a ski pass & ski lessons
  • The lift pass that we offer as part of our packages is offered for full 6 days and is valid inside and outside of lessons and for the whole ski area.

  • Wearing a helmet is highly recommended as well as any other equipment for specialist lessons (competiton ski, off-piste, freestyle ...)

  • Arrive at your meeting point in good time for your lesson details will be found on your lesson card and lesson times have a strict starting time and any delays are part of the lesson  

  • Be in possession of your lesson card at all sessions even for private lessons and present it to your instructor on arrival.

  • We also ask you to take notice of the following:  
  • Any fraudulent use of a card will result in its immediate withdrawal. -
  • The ESF takes no responsibility for equipment / personal items or physical accidents that may occur to students. 
  • Weather conditions, lift breakdowns or any other accidents cannot be attributed to the instructors. - In the event of a discontinuation of the course, regardless of our will, no refund will be made. 
  •  Lessons and schedules can be changed or modified during the season by the management of ESF.   

Instructors  advices for the little ones 

  • Inform us of any health problems of your child.  
  • No poles are required until 2nd star. 
  • A ski pass is mandatory for children enrolled in Flocon level 
  • Ski lift pass Free for children aged - 6 years old. But you must get one at the skilift desk.  
  • Having suitable equipment: jacket, hat, mittens or gloves, goggles or mask, sunscreen and handkerchiefs. 
  • Avoid staying at the lesson and don't challenge your child throughout the lesson, they will learn at their own pace through the expert advice of our instructors 
  • Wearing a helmet is not mandatory but highly recommended. 
  • For small children registered in Club Piou-Piou, a snack will be offered. For over 5 years, think about including a small snack in their pocket (biscuit or cereal bar) 
  • Ensure we have your details correctly; double check the telephone number, the name and the first name mentioned on the card. Leave it to the instructors and the instructor will advise of any change of level.
  • The ESF do not accept any liability for property or personal injury that may occur to students. 
  • Courses are 5 or 6 days consecutive. 
  • What is the right age to learn to ski? The ideal time to start is between 3 and 5 years old, because the child is able to acquire a certain autonomy on the skis. He can learn on his own and no longer between the legs of adults. His body allows him to anticipate, to rebalance himself by putting himself forward or backward.  
  • Is group development an asset? Yes, skiing is more fun with friends than alone, but a private lesson can help you get there. At that age, groups are made up of eight children. We evolve a lot in kindergarten at first. This enclosure is closed, so it is secure. We organize games, draw routes to go from one place to another, etc. Play is the key to successful learning.  
  • Are children aware of the danger? Not really, and that's not a problem as long as they stay on suitable trails. But some parents, who want to indulge themselves, often take them on dangerous trails for children. Children do not have a sense of level and feel able to go anywhere. It is on these tracks that are too difficult for them that fears can arise. 


  • Correct ski or snowboard equipment (clothing to suit the weather conditions) 
  • Skis or snowboard:
Shoes or boots, helmet, poles (for skiers from 2 Star level to prepare
  •  For the young children: small snacks, handkerchiefs in the pockets, and mobile phone number of the adult to contact if necessary. 

  • For all other disciplines
- Team Rider: wide skis, double spatula skis, etc. 
- Off-Piste: Safety kit (DVA + shovel + probe) Freestyle: helmet and back protector recommended 
- Competition (Club ESF) : helmet and back protector + specific slalom protections 
- Snowshoes: walking boots, (snowshoes & poles can be provided), backpack with drinks and snacks,  correct clothing 


Students are NOT insured by ESF. To avoid the financial risks of an accident we recommend the insurance ‘Gritchen Ski Insurance’ Adult & Child.
For more information and details of cover please see the website :
An insurance for cancellation will be recommanded when you buy online (Mondial Assistance)