Private Lessons 

Optimum customised training for all abilities!

To make that perfect start, overcome fears or really progress with individual training, private lessons are the ideal choice. A dedicated and qualified instructor will be there to supervise your child and encourage them to progress safely and enjoy the world of ski. Available for individuals or small friend/family groups of the same ability.

We also offer Slalom training as a private lesson; see below for more details.
Lessons available in several languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Greek.

Private Lessons- 1 to 2 PERSONS

Available in several languages: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Greek..
52€ per hour (excluding mornings in New Year and February holidays)              6 days              5 days
1 hr
1 hr 30
2 hrs
Half Day


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New Year and February holidays before 11:30 - 75€ per hourcontact us contact us
NEW : Shared Lesson

The Shared Lesson

The private lesson shared with 3 other children

2 hours per day for 5 or 6 dayss. 

TImes Shared Lesson

Christmas From 20/12/19 to 02/01/2011h45 - 1h45
February From 09/02/20 to 07/03/2011h30 - 1h30
Easter From 05/04/20 to 19/04/2011h30 - 1h30
Outside School Holidays9h30 - 11h30

prices shared lesson                                               25€ / h

2 hours of lesson by day6 days5 days
Excluding New Year and February holidays300 € 250 €
New Year and February holiday300 € 250 €

Slalom Training

Want to get rid of bad habits and perfect technique?

The slalom course and stadium awaits you. Receive advice and tuition from a specialist instructor of competition skiing. You will be filmed on the big screen and immediately shown, advised and corrected on your techniques to improve your performance.

Prices - Slalom Training

From 1 to 5 persons
1h - School holidays before 11:3075 €
1h - Other times 65 €