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advice to parents

recommandations for your child

  • Inform us of any health problems your child may have.
  • The lift pass is essential from 5 years of age.
  • From beginner's pass to 2nd star preparation, take advantage of the pack: lift pass + ski lessons

for the little ones

At what age can a child start taking ski lessons? How does it work?
A few tips for a safe first glide.

  • What is the right age to learn to ski? 
The ideal age to start is between 3 and 5 years old, as the child is able to acquire a certain autonomy on skis. They can learn on their own and no longer between the legs of adults. Their body allows them to anticipate, to rebalance themself by moving forward or backward. 

  • What are the first lessons learned? 
We start with only one ski at the foot, so the child can push with the other and stand up, and avoid falling! We work on moving with both skis, opening the legs like a duck, then tucking the knees in. And we start the snowplough, called the "pointed hat" or the "slice of pizza"! The child understands that he can stop thanks to this technique, and this is very reassuring for him.

  • Is working in a group an asset?
Yes, skiing in a group is more fun with friends than on your own, but a private lesson can help you take a step forward. At this age, groups are made up of eight to ten children. We do a lot in the kindergarten at the start. This area is closed and therefore secure. We organise games, set out routes to go from one place to another, etc. Play is the key to successful learning.  

  • Are children aware of the danger?
Not really, and this is not a problem as long as they stay on suitable tracks. But some parents, who want to have fun, very often take them on slopes that are dangerous for small children. The children don't have the notion of level and feel capable of going everywhere. It is on these slopes which are too difficult for them that fears can arise.