Competition Internship Club ESF

Learning to control the nature of the competition - from Gold Star Level!

For child ski enthusiasts with a competitive spirit but also eager to have fun, ESF Serre Chevalier Chantemerle offers Competiton lessons for 5 or 6 days. Under 14 years old.

As part of the internship they will receive: 
  • a focused & sharp education to improve race performance in giant slalom and super giant
  • training in slalom, skiing and technical advice on terrain etc..
  • testing of  Flèche, Chamois, Fusée, Skiercross.
After the Gold Star (Étoile d'Or)

Times - COMPeTITION club esf children

During school holidays only
ncMorning9:00 - 12:30

times - competition club esf children

Tests are included ( except "flèche permanente" ) in the prices of the competiton internship
6 x Mornings240 €
5 x Mornings226 €
The tests are not included in the price of competiton internship!

The stadium also.....

gives you the option to partake in the tests and to train on the course with 2 options:

  • 'Flèche permanente' - 3 timed attempts to pass the test
  • Entrainement Permanent - Your attempts are broadcast slightly delayed on the big screen, and our pros can advise on where to improve.

Registration fees - fléche & chamois Tests

From 12:15 during the school holidays.
1 x Participations9 €
2 x Participations17 €
3 x Participations24 €
4 x Participations30 €

prices - 'flèche permanentE'

3 timed attempts at the test
1 x Participation - Monday 16 €
1 x Participation - Tuesday - under 14 year olds16 €

Prices - 'Entrainement permanent'

Monday to Friday 9:30 to 12:00
1 x Session36 €